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Besides each other and our friends, we love the terrier breeds, and West Highland White Terriers (Westies) particularly.  Over a decade ago, prior to our son leaving for college, we started looking for a new dog.  We researched many breeds but it was destiny that our journey lead us to Atlanta (Fredia and Tom Loveland).  Our lives have been enriched and have significantly changed since we purchased "Cooper".  We live, love, care, breed, show and play with westies when we aren't working to support this special hobby.  

Murphy was our first westie love before Cooper.  He has a vocabulary of a five year old and loves to walk, swim and tell you when his food or water bowl is empty.  He is an angel except when it is bed time, and he is covered with his favorite blanket. 

In 2001, we acquired our first westie show dog Cooper!  We finished his championship at about 10 months of age and have since finished other championships (those of our own, some we have sold as show dogs and on occasion help out friends). 

After Cooper finished, we purchased him a playmate and realized we needed a  kennel name.  We wanted something signifying respect for the breed, our ethical responsibilities yet if possible tied to heritage.  We came across a castle related to heritage.  It was an ah, hah moment when reading about the Duntrune Castle.  We respectfully have named our kennel "Duntrune". 

In Scotland, pictured below you will find the Duntrune Castle of Argyll.  It was inhabited by many westies (small, game, well-balanced, hardy-looking terriers) native to the Scottish Highlands.  This story began from varying claims but we choose to believe that the earliest proponent of the breed was Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm (1837-1930). 
Clan Malcolm owned Duntrune Castle as well as the Poltalloch Estate on the west coast of Scotland.  Edward Donald preferred Poltalloch House (also named Malcolm House) to Duntrune Castle. Unfortunately, Poltalloch House is now a ruin.  Like many other members of the Malcolm family, Edward Donald was predestined for a military career.  This solidified our decision on Duntrune as a kennel name because Bobby is retired Air Force and I am a civilian in Information Technology for the Department of Defense.

The dogs were used by Malcolm and his father to hunt and they were kept on the properties as early as the 1830s.  According to one often told story, in the 1860s, while hunting, Colonel Malcolm accidentally shot to death one of his favorite reddish-brown terriers when he mistook it for the rabbit he sought; from that point, he vowed to breed for the white-tinged coat only.  In 1907,  the breed was recognized as being purebred and at this time there were two strains, Poltalloch and Roseneath, evidently similar in appearance. 

Duntrune Westies is our kennel name and the love of the breed continues to grow as our lives are blessed with this journey and enriched by the experiences and friends along the way.  We are using this site to capture our journey, we hope you find it useful and enjoyable. 

Duntrune Castle in Scotland

Col Malcolm with his Poltalloch Westies!